“My experience at Westside was better than previous visits to other pet clinics. The staff was very caring to my pup and I. Dr. Louis was very diligent in figuring out what was wrong with my pup and even consulted with other vets outside of the clinic to confirm that it was a rare but curable disease. I would recommend Westside to anyone.”

-Caleb Cohrs

“We were on a long motor home trip and we had forgotten medication for our two golden retrievers. Everybody here at Westside was so friendly and helpful. They made a call to our vet in Minneapolis, we got our medications and we’re on our way in no time. Highly recommended!”
Glenn Galen

“Dr. Mei-Yao Louis and staff are great and caring; we took our dog (Cuddle Butt) there Saturday 9/1/12 she was feeling bad and had diarrhea for three days. They welcome us to their animal hospital, even though we out of town and they treated us and Butt like family.
Sunday morning Butt couldn’t walk, we call and Dr. Louis met us at her animal clinic at 9:00 Sunday morning, Labor Day weekend; she said Butt may have had a stroke; she took a blood sample and took to the nearby hospital for test. We are nursing the Butt, but I would recommend Westside Animal Clinic to anyone.
Thank you Dr. Louis.”

-Douglas Armstrong

“Westside Animal Clinic is the best! Dr. Louis and staff are very friendly, knowledgable, and caring. I recommend them to all animal lovers!”
-Vivian Weseloh

“Dr. Louis and her staff at this clinic are very knowledgeable and caring. Our small dog had multiple injuries to her jaw due to another dog attacking her. The jaw was broken in two places and also dislocated. Dr. Louis performed surgery, wiring the jaw in the necessary places. She and her staff were attentive and very involved for the two months following surgery. This was a very difficult surgery, but our little Shitzhu healed perfectly. She’s regaining range of motion with her jaw, eats well, and has gotten her old “spark” back. I can’t express how grateful I am to Dr. Louis and the staff at Westside Vet Clinic.

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