As of March 27, we are going to curbside service. We are asking that you remain in your vehicle for appointments. When you arrive, please call 605-878-7297. A technician will get a history, and then a technician will come out and get your pet. PLEASE, please put your pet on a leash or in a secure carrier so there are no escapees! We will then call you when we are done, and payment will be made over the phone if possible.

For food or medication, please call and payment will be taken over the phone. When you arrive to pick it up, call us and it will taken out to you.

We are taking the Covid-19 situation very seriously and want to keep you and our staff healthy.

For further information regarding COVID-19 and your pet, we suggest the AVMA COVID-19 FAQs for Pet Owners:

Thank you so much for understanding and for being our wonderful clients. We appreciate you so much!